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About me


Hello, nice to have you in my online store. My name is Jakub and I make scented candles from natural waxes, mainly rapeseed and coconut. This is a line of 100% organic candles with natural fragrance oils. I don't use kerosene in any of them! Natural light is safer for you and your family. They emit up to 80% less CO2, do not emit soot (except in cases where the candle has been stored in inappropriate conditions), burn longer than kerosene candles, while also having a much lower melting temperature, so the risk of burning yourself on wax is reduced (but I do not recommend doing this, except in cases with products intended for this).

In some cases, I make specially ordered candles (1-3 kg of candles in special containers). I can also make candles to order with a different scent than those in the fixed range.

DALL·E 2023-11-22 21.05.52 - An elegant designer candle, displayed in a sophisticated set
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